Welcome to Photographing Hope! I am an independent Photograher who works in the DFW, Texas area. I work in three different "areas" of photography:

Family, which includes Family photos, children, infant, and maternity.

Anytime, which is exactly like it sounds, anytime, any place, any reason, a good example of these are Senior Photos, and

Small Events, which include, small weddings, engagements, bridals, and events - such as parties, fundraisers, socials.

I really enjoy outdoors and on location photoshoots. I feel that they better capture the moment and the personalities of the people in the pictures. And that really is the point of pictures, capturing the essence of those involved.

September 14, 2009

Inspiration is everywhere

As someone who loves to take photos of anything, not just people, I find inspiration everywhere I go. The following pictures are from a car show in Lakeland, Florida in October 2008. I love older cars.

September 8, 2009

Senior Special!

Hey Seniors!  If you still need your Senior Photos let me know!  I am running a special until the end of September.  For $200, you can get a 1.5 hour photoshoot in a location that matches YOUR personality, as many outfit changes as you want, and a minimum of 15 photos on a DVD!  Give me a quick call or shoot me an e-mail!  Since I don't have many pictures of up yet if you want to see examples of other photos that I have done let me know!  I am always happy to talk to you about what you're looking for and what you would like!

And because every post is better with a photo here is a sneak peak at an Engagement Session that late last year. 

Diana & Bobby Engagement

September 6, 2009


If you want to stay on your toes then you should really try to photography a little boy who has just learned to stand and crawl.  These pictures are from Easter 2009.

This is the look a mother gets when she insist you sit inside the Easter basket and not next to the Easter basket.

Welcome to Photographing Hope!

Welcome to Photographing Hope!

This blog is the start of what I "hope" becomes a successful photography business. Let me be more specific when I say successful. Though money is always great, in the end I want my photos to document the "Hope" that people have. (Yes I realize that I am using the word "hope" a lot. There is a point, I promise!) What do I mean by "Hope"? It's that look that a couple has when they are getting engaged. That excitement of the future. The showers, the party, the wedding, the reception. It's that look that the couple has on their wedding day. The anticipation, the nerves, the family, the expectation of the future. It's that look that a couple has when they are expecting a child. What the future will be like? Will it be a boy or girl? Who will he or she look like more? It's that look that a family has when parents look at each other, their children. What will the future hold? What other adventures will there be. It's that look at a Senior has as that last year of High School is approaching. Where will their go to college? What will they be? The excitement of the possibility of independence. "HOPE" is that look that is part of everyday life. It's that look that my husband has when he sees our one year old daughter, it's that look that I have for him when I think about our future together. It's that spark that you see in photographs of people’s lives.
Currently we are working on a webpage and will post that address as soon as we get that up and running. I currently am only photographing on the weekends with some exceptions, on a per session basis. I do not offer prints but, instead, offer a DVD with high resolution photos and a release page so that you can print them at any convenient location, post them on your own personal blogs or e-mail them. However, when I release the photos to you, I will suggest locations for printing due to quality issues with some locations. Hopefully in the near future I will be able to offer large canvas prints. For pricing information or to set up a meeting please contact me at the following:
or call me at: